• Our classes are continuous; as each class ends, a new one begins simultaneously.

    This scheduling permits us to have ongoing classes throughout most of the year, thus making enrollment available anytime.
  • ILAM Corporate Training courses are combined specialized classes in Business English communication skills and concepts with general English language skills.

    Each program is designed to give students the English skills they need to work effectively in today’s global marketplace.
  • World-class English language education

    ESL Business English TOEFL IELTS TOEIC PTE

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Learn ENGLISH with Us.

Enjoy the advantage of classes

held at school facility or in the

convenience of your own companies

and offices, allowing you to

experience pro-active learning

through personalized programs.

English programs for all levels are facilitated by a roster of specialists in communications and leadership trainings. Short and long term courses may be accommodated on ESL, Business English, Conversational English, Public Speaking, American Accent Training , Creative and Business Writing, Leadership Training, Personality Development, and review programs for SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, & TOIEC.

Our industry involves constantly working with local and international students from a diverse background. The company boasts of its unique and strategic ways of achieving excellence through tailored fit English courses.


The growing number of foreign students flocking to the Philippines to learn English has
prompted a London-based news website to call it “the world’s low-cost English teacher.”

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