Pre-Arrival Facts:

1.     International Language Academy Manila is approximately 8 kilometers from the Ninoy Aquino Airport . It takes around 30  minutes to arrive in the school from the Airport.

2.     The Philippines is a tropical country and it has two seasons :
RAINY SEASON: June- December
SUMMER : March - May
Usually, December to February are considered the coldest months in a year. It is highly advisable to bring pieces of clothing that fits the season.
3.     The electrical current in the Philippines is supplied at 220 v, 60 Hrz. The students are advised to use only equipment that is compatible with 220 volts.

Currency Converter  

5.     Banking Services
There are numerous banks near the school. Banks are usually open from 9:00AM to 3:00 PM from Mon.-Fri. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are open 24 hours.

6.     It is a MUST to have with you US$30 worth of local currency/ Pesos when you arrive the Ninoy Aquino Airport  in order to pay for incidental expenses.  

7.     It may take up to four weeks before a Traveler’s check is cleared and released. It is advisable to have currency that can readily be converted such as US dollar bills.

Cellular Phones in the Philippines operate under the GSM Network . GPRS is available , 3G and HSPDA coverage is present in the School’s area.
Three Major Telecom Providers in the Philippines:
Globe Telecom :
Smart Communications :
Sun Cellular :

As soon as you arrive the premises of the school, it is a MUST to proceed directly to the front desk in order to register your arrival and as well as to orient you regarding the school’s policies and schedules.