Courses Offered

The school prides itself for having a curriculum which specializes in teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) and other English courses ranging from Beginner to Advanced including:

English for BeginnersVocabulary and Grammar BoosterConversation Skills Enhancement ProgramAccent Neutralization, and Workplace English, as well as preparation for English exams such IELTSTOEIC, and TOEFL.

All courses are taught in a multidisciplinary setting to ensure comprehensive skill development in the four areas of communication: listeningspeakingreading, and writing. Since its inception, the school has garnered favorable responses from its students, most of which have re-enrolled numerous times due to the effectiveness of the curriculum.

In addition, all teachers at ILAM are carefully screened and trained in order to make sure that their qualifications fulfill the mission, vision, values, and standards of the school.

Apart from teaching English, the school also intends to inculcate strong intercultural awareness among its learners by integrating several outdoor activities. As an academic institution, ILAM takes to heart its responsibilities in promoting education and tourism in the country, thus its partnerships with various multinational companies for English training.