Flexi-Time Courses

  • English for Beginners – The program focuses on teaching students the very basic skills in English communication. They learn to form, express, and create simple sentence structures while acquiring new vocabulary. Language points are taught in a multidisciplinary setting to ensure comprehensive skills development in the four areas of communication: SpeakingListeningReading, and Writing.
  • Vocabulary and Grammar Booster – This program aims to introduce new words and phrases to students while reinforcing their grammar through various communicative activities. This class encourages them to gain more confidence and ease in expressing themselves using consistent grammatical structures and adequate vocabulary. The class also develops their control of grammar and presents more opportunities to speak and use the language.
  • Conversation Skills Enhancement Program(ConSEP) – This program aims to improve students’ ability to express themselves by increasing their lexical range and enhancing their discourse management skills. Interesting topics are embedded in the program to make discussions fun and meaningful. The course caters to Upper Beginner to Intermediate level students.
  • Workplace English – This multi-level course aims to assist students in building their confidence in speaking in English by allowing them to utilize the language in a wide range of business situations. Since the program is thematic in nature, students will get to enjoy exchanging their ideas on various topics as well as advance their practical abilities in socializing, telephoning, writing emails and more.