My teacher is very effective and he guided me well in improving my English skills. In the few sessions I’ve had in the school, I can say that I’ve learned a lot.

Bangs Garcia



I congratulate ILAM for doing a great job teaching their students how to speak better English. Any one who’d liked to improve on their English communication skills should definitely study in ILAM.

Irene Musabyemaria
Mother / Housewife



Thank you ILAM for providing an environment conducive for learning. Your teachers and staff are not only friendly, they also help boost students confidence. Lastly, thank you for helping me reach my goals.

Rosalie Infantado
Student (going to Australia)


At first, I was surprised that my teachers can’t speak Japanese. How can they teach me English without translating? But I owe it to my teacher that I can speak English now better than a month ago. Thank you Teacher Michael and ILAM!

Kouji Saito


Thank you for everything. I hope to see you again. Now, I’m sure I made the right choice.

Rogerio Alves



ILAM programs are targeted towards the needs of the students. I think all students should take a course at ILAM. The courses are customized and the teachers can relate well with their students.


Thank you so much for teaching me for 2 weeks. I want to take more lessons again someday. I enjoyed the class so much. I’m really looking forward to enrolling again in this school. Thank you so much ILAM.

Nanako Kageyama


I’m proud to be one of ILAM’s students. I learned a lot and have gained confidence in speaking with different people. My teachers are nice and they helped me in achieving my goals.

Thank you ILAM!


My accent has improved a lot. I love the discussions, especially the games and activities. It was really fun. I would like to take this course again. Enrolling in ILAM is probably the best decision I’ve ever made.

Nea Ismi


I had a great time studying in ILAM. All the teachers were nice. I’ll never forget my stay.

Abdurrahman Gumus


My Conversation class helped me in improving my vocabulary, especially idioms. I also noticed that my pronunciation has improved. Everyone has been kind to me. I would like to come back and enroll again in ILAM.

Ryohei Adachi


I would like to thank everyone in ILAM for all the help they’ve given me during my stay. It is a great pleasure to study in your school. Hoping for your success!

Alberto Lapurga


I appreciate how teacher Mike exerted effort to make the lessons fun and interesting (flash cards, board games, and other activities). All the teachers at ILAM are cheerful and friendly. They motivate me everyday to learn. Studying in this school is a great opportunity for me. I’d like to take more lessons again if I have the time.

Takeshi Kito
Marketing Executive


My instructor Alpha & Jolyn taught me very well They were great! Thank you ILAM! More branches to come!

Isagani Mesina
Graphic Illustrator


I learned a lot from Teacher Jops and Teacher Abbie. They were able to give me concrete examples of the lessons.

Marietta Ureta
IT Professional


The course I took at ILAM was very useful! Thank you!

Kwang-Mook Lim


I’m glad I enrolled here. My teachers helped me a lot with my English. Thank you very much.

Yojiro Baba
Store Manager


The lessons are very good and the teachers are friendly.

Josie Arlinda


Thank you for the new ideas, I truly learned from my class and I’ll surely recommend the school to others and if I have time, I’ll enroll again.

Cecille Cueto


I couldn’t speak English and follow English at all at first. But now I can understand better! I hope to continue stying English, after going back to Japan! Thank you for teaching me for 6 months! I will come back here soon! Thank you very much. See you again!

Satoko Harazono


I wish I could spend more time studying here. I enjoyed the stay. Thank you for the opportunity for me to practice expressing my thoughts reading business.

Shinichi Yamamoto


I really enjoyed business writing; I did not get bored. Keep up the good work!

Michelle Keng